Subscription-Based IT Support for Small Businesses

Bring professional-level IT to your small business at a part-time price.

What is the “cost” of professionally supporting your technology infrastructure? The answer is actually really easy, but in the form of another question… What’s the cost of not being able to support your existing customers and your new sales activities? Stated even more directly, “what’s the loss in revenue resulting from an information technology outage?”

Your technology infrastructure keeps your business running. Your sales, operations, support and administrative staff are the responsible parties, but with today’s automation, if your employees cannot access their process-related systems, your business cannot drive revenue and support your customers!

Laketown Technology specializes in supporting Office 365, Google G-Suite, and on-premise technologies for small businesses.  Our subscription-based services bring professional expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team, and bring much greater quality and focus than traditional “big boys” in the third-party support market.